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Success in Freelanceing Business

Definitely, successful freelancing needs great tools for managing projects, client and most importantly getting paid faster via a good invoicing system. At NeatGain we try to help you with all these tools at very affordale peice. A consultant may need to wear many hats - sometimes being the accountant, sometimes being the manager, and sometime being the designer -- even though he/she is the CEO at all times.

Consultants are beginning to end up being a significantly larger portion these days's workforce. It is estimated that Consultants and Freelancer are more than one-third of the whole workforce. The good news is, the industry is responding in kind with high-powered devices and online services that freelancers can use effectively to be successful. NeatGain is one of such solutions you can use. Sign up and try our freelancing tools.

NeatGain - Customer and Business Management

NeatGain CRM solutions can help you stream-line your business activities. Add projects, tasks, contacts, create invoices.

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Neatgain CRM for Freelancers

You need a CRM or customer Relations Management for your business. There are many CRM products out there - for big business to small business. Dynamic 365 or Salesforce and the like are for big businesses. You can't really use them effectively for your freelancing business, because they are full of feature that you don't need and they are expensive, the most importantly they are so complex that you may need another develover to do setup and maintain it. That is why we built Neatgain CRM - just what you need. Neatgain CRM is simple to use, clean interface and easy to use.

Among the best as well as worst points concerning being a consultant is that each day varies. This is suitable if you're the kind of person who dislikes regular routine work, but not so wonderful if you are not self-disciplined to monitor deadlines as well as visits.


Boost Your Business Efficiency

Manage your projects and task, generate invoices.
  • Simplified Dashboard to give Bird's eye view
  • Create and assign task
  • Send proposals and contracts
  • Manage clients and projects with ease
Use Neatgain tools to boost your business productivity and efficiency. As a freelancer you need to do a lot of things in a day -- marketing, to management, to actual development or customers' deliverables. With our service you can achieve these quickly, you can accomplish more in a day. Look at the dashboard and see what area needs immediate attention and what can wait. With project and task managemnt feature, you can streamline these, rather mandane activities, smoothly.

Freelance Business Management

Use our simple yet powerful business management solutions. Track all activities, gain full control of your business.

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Invoice Creation

Setup project and create invoices - easy with few clicks. Add online payment methods, so that your client can easily pay with a few click and you get a notification. You dashboard is automatically update with payment amount.

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Task Management

Create tasks and assign to projects. Task management has been made simple, clean and no-clutter interface. View tasks by project, client or status.

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Create proposals

Create a beautiful proposal with reasonable estimate, your client can't refuse. Add fixed cost or hourly estimates in the proposal. Engage your client with great proposals that you can easily create with Neatgain.

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Project Management

See active and completed projects. Measure progress for each project. See invoices for the project, and measure income from the project. Add notes, risks and deliverables for the project.

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File Upload

You can add files to your projects or tasks. Upload documents, spreadsheet or text files as needed.

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