CRM for Freelancers - manage projects and invoices


Fast Online Invoicing

Create invoices with few clicks and email to the customer right-away.
  • Integrate online payment via Stripe payment gateway.
  • Add or remove invoice line items, add notes
  • Add logo of your company and your client's company to give a professional look.
  • See when client has viewed the invoice
  • Updates invoices as paid automatically
  • Paid and outstanding invoices reflect automatically on your dashboard.

Easy Task Management

  • Create task or todos by project, add due date, mark as complete and more.
  • Filter tasks by status
  • Filter tasks by client
  • Edit tasks with a click
  • Add/Update task due date
  • Active and completed task count reflect automatically on your dashboard.

Win client with nicely created proposals

Create a beautiful proposal with images and text and add estimates, and thus grab your client's attention. With Neatgain you can create proposals really easily with few clicks and text. Real simple, real easy. No confusion.

Powerful Project Management

Create projects for your clients. Add tasks, notes, upload files. Your tasks will be automatically added to your invoice and you can update then again in the invoice. Whe you go to project-view page you will see all things connected to that project are laid out in a simple-to-understand layout. You will find a clean interface to make life easier.

Generate Contracts

Contracts are essential parts of you business success. Generate signed contracts for your project. Create service contract for your web design project or videography or graphic design project or whatever business you are doing. We create professional contract with various editable clauses. There are many contract templates that you can use too. Get notifications when the contract is viewed or signed.

Freelance Business Management

Neatgain is a simple business management tool. Track activities, gain control over your business processes.

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Easy Invoice Generation

Arrange task and produce automatic invoices - with few clicks. Include online payment link, support Stripe and Paypal payments. You can select from invoice templates. Add your logo, and your client's logo to make the invoice look good. Add invoie due date, purchase order number and notes.

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Manage your tasks

Task management is very important for the success of your business. So we made it easy with NeatGain. Add tasks with as few steps as possible. Assign tasks to appropriate project with due dates and notes and files as appropriate. The interface is easy to use.

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